Why do the majority of Vietnamese university students not studying English?

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Why do the majority of Vietnamese university students not studying English?

I’ll explain it here.

The fact, most teenagers at the high school do not learn real English. They just take some grammar exams and get scored from their English teacher, so they are scared and afraid of speaking English. They feel really stupid when they don’t speak English. In my case, I’ve been in this situation, then I know how frustrated I was.

There are some reasons why this phenomenon is really mattered.

First: we do the wrong way of learning really English. Instead of learning how to pronounce correct words, we actually do the opposite, we pronounce like using Vietnamese-English. This leads to a problem, we tend to be unable to listen English well. And we speak like a jerk like we are speaking bird language. Seriously!!!

Second: We worry too much about grammar and words. Vietnamese students are more eager to learn new grammar and words and phrases, but they rarely use it properly. Which is gonna make them stupid.

Third: I think the most important factor here is that we don’t have much free time to practice English, we have so many things to do with university curriculum such as team projects, studying exams….

On top of that, not to mention that they have so many social networks on their smartphone that distracted them from studying, which might cause really severe problems such as studying disorders, sleep deprivation

More and more reasons why they still stop at the line. Their energy is out of battery. Poorly to say.

Make quick change guys. oh God, do something


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