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Opening Letter To My Student.

Dear Victoria (En Hoa)

I am writing this open letter to let you know what I feel about you. I feel proud of you.

Back then, when you and your father packed the back from Quang Tri went to Binh Duong, with the hope that you will be speaking English well, your dad expected you and hoped you doing well because of your expectation. I did not know that you had been living with your dad since you were born and your Mum lived the other house.

When I met you, you were a pretty shy girl and you stood tall and big. You are unlike any girls who I have ever met before, who decided to drop out school, did not want to be like any other friend’s life. Which is great and you know what I admired your decision because I did the same thing as you did, drop out school, everyone thinks us doing stupid things, but no we don’t, we just do something differently, right!. Sincerely, I was going to tell you that I will help you out as much as possible, believe me.

When you were studying pronunciation and I remembered you each time when I asked you to pronounce English words out loud, and first you were shy and confused and you just kind of waving your head, just try to hide something out. But then, you speak loud the word which I am quite surprised.

Day by day, you learn fast and each day seeing you grown up with your English and I could not be happier than that. Then later, you started speaking very first words to foreigners, even it was very simple words, but it’s still what all of people like us want to, is to communicate with foreigners. So, you did it, and each day you obtain knowledge, words, structures and phrases.

When you left Hama village and I was not there to witness, and I am sorry for that. I am pretty sad. Since I know this world is big, but I still believe one day we’ll see each other again.

So, take care of your study, keep learning English more and more, never stop making effort. And I believe one day, soon enough, you will be able to speak English fluently as mine. hehe.
Victoria is one of my students from Hama village. And here what her day looks like in English. She is great.

Here is the latest her’s video.

Today is December 29th

I felt that today is colder than yesterday. It’s terrible to wake up early to that weather but I had to wake up 5:45 am to help Henry to prepare for breakfast. Because this week, my team did housework. At 6:00, I did exercise with the whole family. I didn’t like to do exercise early in the cold of morning. I want to continue sleeping…..

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