Kinh nhiệm học tập của LộcNhững kinh nhiệm quý báu của việc học tập của Lộc.

Is it difficult to learn a new language?. For example, Learning English.

Honestly. It is pretty hard and challenging for me. I suppose, some find it is really an easy task, they can learn many languages at the same time, what can I say, they’re brilliant, others see learning a new language is extremely hard and frustrated for them.

When I first began learning, it was confusing to remember all about unfamiliar words and phrases and grammars. It often feels a bit awkward when Ihave to get used to making mistakes. But after a while, with hard studying, determination. I get through with it. I am now quite confident with the way I am using English. I use it quite often, I don’t feel nervous when it comes to communication with people, even though talking on new topics that I had never prepared before. I can deal with it.

I know, Learning English is hard, but master it, YEAH. Can’t imagine. You wanna talk and make people feel comfortable when you try to explain ideas in more detail. Your supporting idea has to be firm and correct. But, don’t worry. If you are able to learn English every day, try to talk with foreigners whenever you have chances, just do it. The key here is. “Grit”. Keep doing it, you have to stick with your plan, not for a couple of days, not for a month, must be years. Right. Got the idea. I spent almost 2 years of my young age to learn this damn language. I practice and learn it in every single moment. Not wanna drag here, but it’s true.

Here the talk why she inspired me so much. Thanks to my sister Dao Thi Hang who had sent me this amazing gift when I was ready to learn English.

When you will hold the key, you know you must do something. OMG. Do something. Lazy

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