Món Lộc Nấu

Black Rice Egg

Black Rice Egg

Black Rice Egg
Black Rice Egg


+1 eggs from duck on farm.

+ 1 black rice bowl.

+ 1 tomato

+Some peppers,salt,garlic.

How to cook.

B1: Cook rice perfectly,when you are cooking,you need to put some salt to pieces of rice.If you cook rice by pressure cooker,the rice is gonna be good.

B2: Chop the tomato then slide them become some piece.

B3: Put some oils on a pan then crack 1 egg.Drop the egg on the pan slowly.Wait the skin of the egg is gonna be perfect.You take them out on a bowl rice.

B4: Prepare them on a plate.Put egg on the top at bowl rice.Put some pieces of tomatoes next rice.

Enjoying to everyone

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