Like my friends, I have been studying English 7 years in school. My English is just as stupid as it is. I never myself speak a word or being unable to say the word correct. It’s embarrassing you know. So after I left school, I took a national exam. I got 27/30, but I felt like it does not feel right. Something I felt like I had not been done yet, it’s English. Then I decided to make thing different, I left university. I went to learn English. My journey of learning English is incredibly hard and it seems like I wanted to quit somehow in the middle. But, looking back, I have nothing, but embarrassment. Because I have no motivation after 4-5 months, I was tired and fed up with learning, Suddenly, something changed, I found my way to learn, that is cooking. Since when I got so excited to watch a lot of cooking video, my very first show that I am really into was American Masterchef season 3, Christina Ha won this season. I watched the show very often. It motivated me to get back to study because I got to listen and you know, to understand the context I have to learn tons of new vocabulary. Day by day, my English was improving because of this excitement I got to the cooking show. After 1 year, I can talk about cooking stuff like who is the best chef in the world or what’s the best food in each country or something like that. My favourite chef is Gordon Ramsay, he is an incredible chef I am really admired. Then I ended up speaking pretty good until one day an American English teacher said ” Your English is equivalent with native speakers, but you speak English in high high level, intellectual”. Which I got so emotional, I thought to myself ” Yeah, I have done it very very well”. That’s my journey, even it’s short but it’s still a long journey. And I really enjoy learning, now I still learning English every single day. You know, just want to reach higher level. Because English is manipulating my life not because of the high salary of job or money or things else.


Vietnamese version “Working on”

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