My Stories of Cooking

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The very first job through the time when I dropped out at college in 2014 is to prepare the food for my family’s meal.

During that time, from 2 September in 2014, I cook and prepare over a thousand dish in-difference which is really an unforgettable memory for me. And I am having a blog that I’ve recently updated every dish I cooked.

Back then, when I was studying at high school, I never cooked a perfect meal for myself. That’s such lame, isn’t it!.I just wanted to eat fast food or local food at a random restaurant on the street whenever “breakfast, lunch, dinner” came. I used to ride a bike to the restaurant every time I was hungry or having an uncontrolled desire for delicious food. I remembered once, I got a poison food from the street when I bought some outdated instant ramen, this dish would  nearly kill me. My stomach was incredible hurting and I could not stand on my feet. My temperature rated highest ever. Fortunately, my neighbor has seen me in this situation and they quickly took me to the hospital as soon as possible. When I got in the emergency room, I felt dizzy and couldn’t see anyone. I was healed by transferring two bags of medical stuff which I did not know yet what this looked like.

After that tough time, I was freaking at instant food which is horribly worse than cat food and could kill a human. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’ll help some busy person who has to work in a hurry and could not cook for themselves or go out to eat food. I was wondering myself and asking myself for many times: ” Is it the way of living that you want Loc” I said: No. I am not a lazy person, and I don’t blame to any problem that made my diet goes in the worst way. So” Can I change my diet?” I said to myself: ” Yes I can”.

There I am now, I am totally a different person. I eat healthier and use fresh ingredients. Especially, I can cook for myself. I usually cook everyday whenever I am happy and feel free to cook, I’d run to the kitchen which is lovely and prepare for great food.


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